From Hair Scare to Scary Hair

I have some issues with my hair … I know what you are thinking and it’s not age related. I’m not fussed by the grey, it is “a crown of splendor”… No this is a problem I’ve had from childhood.The first time I remember it happening, at age 13, I thought it was my stylist fault. After all, it was the age of the Jheri Curl and she could have over-processed my hair. Not the case. My mother tells of me having issues as a baby.

Some may say my issue is style. And that’s fine; you have a right to your opinion. But for me it’s something worse.

Hair is important. I have a girlfriend who refers to her own hair as:  “My Precious.” You know, as in “the one ring to rule them all”. I’m almost that obsessed.

Here’s the issue …

Every few years my hair breaks off and gets thin; always in the same spot. The top of my head; the crown. It’s distressing and annoying. I have to resort to creative hair styling. A comb-over isn’t pretty on a woman. Trust me.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry (Photo credit: bigdmia)

When it happened three years ago, I made the decision to cut my hair short. Halle Berry pixie short but without the Halle Berry beauty to go with it. Two inches long.

It’s taken this whole time for it to grow out. And by grow out I mean barely an inch each year … it’s almost chin length again. Okay, to be honest, it barely covers my earlobes. Even though my hair has never been longer than shoulder length … I don’t like short hair.

Now the cycle begins, yet again, and I have to do something. So I started taking a supplement that is supposed to help with hair, skin, and nails.

And it works well. My nails don’t feel as brittle. My skin seems smoother. And I’ve noticed new hair growth. Longer, thicker, and shinier hair.

The challenge …

Alas, the hair that is coming in … the most notable hair growth … the new longer hair … is on my CHIN … as in “not by the hairs of my” … of all places. Then there’s the shinier hair on my legs and the thicker hair under my arms. But, I haven’t experienced healthier hair on top of my head. Why? Go figure. Your guess is as good as mine.

TMI? Yeah, I know but this is my dilemma. I have to believe the next success in my supplement story will be for the hair on my head.

Beauty comes at a price. The question:  Is that price worth it? There has been an increase in time spent tweezing and plucking and shaving that I’d rather not be bothered with …

I think I need a support group:

  • Bold and Bald Bureau …
  • Weave Wearers of America …
  • The Women’s Wig Association …
  • Hapless Hair Loss Club …

Sign up today and we can care for one another through our vast and varied hair situations.


  1. Phil Hanson says:

    Love this! And I’ll join any of these groups with you.


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