I just love this!

Dianne Gray author

This recipe is for writers, but ingredients can easily be substituted

depending on the creative outcome desired


1.5k – brainpower

6 cups – fresh air

100 litres – time

150 litres – patience

Bouquet garni – ideas

3 cups – subject matter knowledge

20 cases – wine (can be substituted for favourite beverage)

1 dash – weirdness

5 cups – memory (for binding)

12 months – privacy

Assorted spicy bits (to taste)

1 tablespoon – image

1 human – editor


  1. Preheat brainpower to 98.6 C (37F) – or until sizzling
  2. Add fresh air, time, ideas, subject matter knowledge, patience, weirdness, privacy and memory
  3. Stir gently, ensuring memory is fully infused and weirdness does not stick to the edges
  4. Add  wine (or favourite beverage) and continue stirring until more ideas bubble to the surface
  5. Refrigerate and allow to set
  6. While setting, roughly chop assorted spicy bits (ensure you do…

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Writing with Childlike Abandon

I have the benefit of seeing my boys chase after butterflies … laugh at the world … live a carefree existence for the most part.

I consider myself fortunate that they remind me daily that creating is easy. I’ve shared before how kids aren’t bound by convention but loved the way this author put it in a recent blog post, What Writers Should Do When Drawing a Blank.

Take time to read it. It made me smile to imagine it … I am sure it will resonate with my fellow dream chasers and bloggers and writers and artists and anyone who has ever had an oh-to-be-a-kid-again moment.