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During our January accountability call, my writing partner, Talli (enJOYin’ Life), and I bemoaned the fact that we’d failed to meet our December writing goals.

We talked about the obstacles we faced: balancing time with family and friends, being out of our routines due to vacation and holidays, and just wanting to do nothing for a little while.

It was one of our toughest conversations in the eight months or so that we’ve been holding one another accountable. Tough, for me, because the do-nothing aspect of time off was so appealing. I needed it.

At the same time, the conversation gave way to epiphany. I realized what part 3 of my book should be. Or, at least, one component it should include. This gave me momentum in planning, which I’m almost convinced would be better than just seeing where the story takes me. Note the word “almost” in that sentence. My writing process is still discovery.

The best part of the call was setting new goals to accomplish in January. And, hearing my writing partner state: “This is going to be a month of something …” Unlike our December – The Month of Nothing.

She is right too. It will be a Month of Something.

For starters, I will celebrate my 41st birthday the 14th. Happy birthday to me! I am grateful for each year.

Second, it’s the month I will break through the barrier of writing I’ve been hiding behind.

How will I break through?

By writing those wonderful words: The End. Not because I’ve finished the novel. I’m not quite there yet.

Since the story idea came to me I’ve had the same image for the ending. No matter what twists and turns the story has taken, the end hasn’t changed. Regardless of the characters I add or kill off the last scene is vivid in my mind.

So, two days after Talli’s profound words, I wrote that scene. I attempted to capture the image of my main character closing a chapter of her young life; having evolved and matured.

I framed words to take me from my once-upon-a-time beginning to my and-they-lived-happily-ever-after end. Which of course isn’t really the end of Baby Girl’s tale; it’s just where I’ve quit telling it.

The scene is just under 400 words but fitting for the last moment. Now we’ll see if the ending starts to evolve just as the rest of the book has done.

Either way, I’ve accomplished something: new words on the page, vision for the next phase of the book, and The End.

This is a month of something.

However, I don’t want word count goals because lately they cause me writerly paralysis. Instead I will measure my “somethings” in time set aside writing. For a change, my “somethings” yardstick will account for me writing rather than talking about writing.

What will be your something this January?


  1. Happy belated Birthday for the 14th – I hope you had a lovely time 🙂

    Best of luck with your ending (I always find it’s the hardest part for me)

  2. Gail…OF COURSE I love this post for so, so many reasons. Mostly, though, I love it for your transparency. We are on a great journey together – let’s enjoy it during the somethings and nothings. TLC

    PS Cute pic! And lookie, lookie – you’ve done a lot of something already…and there’s still 1/2 a month left. Woo hoo….

    • I ❤ U TLC. We are on a great journey but I'm not so sure this is transparent. Maybe it is since I feel like I have to be accountable to everyone who's read it. Sigh. Something. Something. Something. Like the little engine that could … It shall be my January mantra.

  3. Happy birthday, Gail! It’s so great that you have your ending clear in your mind. I always start my stories with no apparent ending and that always gets me into so much trouble! Good luck – I really hope you get to that ending soon. =D

  4. I love the title of this post…the month of something. It is very poetic. I’m so excited for you and your beautiful book. Can’t wait to read her when she’s all wrapped up and ready to go!


  1. […] Thanks to my writing partner I set out to make the most of writing in January. I decided to make it A Month of Something. […]

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