Remembering Where We Started …

© 2013 the Jotter’s Joint

© 2013 the Jotter’s Joint

I have to start this post with a big THANK YOU to Letizia of reading interrupted, who’s recent post, Revisiting The Jefferson Bible, led her to her first blog post. Also, it led her down the path of checking out the first blog post of her followers.

When she commented on my first post it made me wonder what I’d said, what I’d been thinking almost two years ago. Reading it made me laugh. It made me smile.  It made me remember. 

Quite honestly, it nearly brought me to tears. Not because it was prolific or special, but it captured my feeling, my desire, my dream.

I am inspired by my intentions and hopes from that first post.

I was optimistic, and let’s face it, naïve, which of course is the beauty of beginnings.

Amazing how powerful and happy I felt about writing before I tried to incorporate ALL the advice in cyberspace or build a platform using social media. I was overwhelmed by self-imposed pressure to live up to an ideal of a writer, not defined by me, when all I wanted to do was tell a story.

Writing, and consequently blogging, lost the shiny new exterior because stats were tripping me up, checking the number of blog hits or new followers.  Worrying that I needed to change to increase my stats.

Writing became about pleasing others instead of pleasing me. My blog posts were about getting attention, catering to an audience. I didn’t know.  I see the time and care I put into those first posts because I was more concerned with liking what I wrote rather than having it liked.

Maybe you can tell by my personal marveling that I’ve been in the state of quitting writing for months now. If you recall, I shelved my novel recently.

Sammy, my writing partner, whom I love and adore, has been encouraging me and with each card, email, and phone call, I’d postpone my departure from the writing world one more day. I’d hold of giving up my title of writer for one more week.

She’ll be glad to read that I’m trying to work this out (albeit publicly) as opposed to avoiding the writing conversation.

And then, as if they’d planned it, another blogger buddy, Britt of A Physical Perspective, posted a renewed commitment to her writing dreams.  I am moved by her revelation and hope for the new year. Thank you, as well Britt.

Stories connect us. Good stories reveal something about who we are or what’s important to us. Letizia and Britt’s stories serve as great reminders.  Sammy’s investment in me keeps me sane. These events are a catalyst for creation. My muse is knocking. I’m tingly like someone sprinkled fairy dust.

So even though I didn’t make any resolutions for 2014, I am seriously considering making this a year of renewal … a year of remembering where I started … a year of celebrating where I am headed.

Which means, I am a writer, telling stories for me, while hoping others will love them too and join me on the journey.

I wish all my artistic and wordsmith friends a year of renewal!


  1. I’d love to read your stories! Keep writing. Keep dreaming! It’s a fun journey!

  2. My dearest writing pal. Sometimes this journey is lonesome, frustrating and feels like much more than we can handle. Other times it is inspired, encouraging, life-giving, and fun. For all of these and many more–I’m glad I’m on it with you.

    (And if you don’t watch out, I might send you some more really cute/slash annoying encouraging little kid videos–or maybe adorable cats.)

  3. I honestly believe that if you enjoy your own writing then it will shine through and others will enjoy it too. This applies to blogs and books. I think I’d continue to write regardless simply because I enjoy the process.

  4. Hey, Miss Gail! Thanks for including me in such a lovely post.

    Letizia’s idea is really wonderful. I just went back and reread my first post and it was very interesting to see the astounding emotional distance I have traveled since that meek debut!

    We’ve all gone through the same thing, Gail. I, too, got swept up in the social media frenzy and the stats. Then as you know, I took a hiatus, which helped a lot. But as soon as I got back, I threw all of my energy into the wellness career path and that really did me in.

    Now, I really try not to worry about the stats, followers, etc. Half the time the post I spend the least amount of effort on does “the best”. You just never know.

    A year of renewal sounds lovely. I’ll join you.

  5. I felt a bit funny reading my first post (as sparse and impersonal as it was), remembering my original intentions and hesitations. But I’ve been overjoyed reading everyone’s first posts – you can’t imagine how beautiful it is to read about people’s desires, to hear voices not quite developed. Some are bold. Some are shy. It’s been a wonderful reminder of this beautiful blogging community. I’m happy to hear you’re cape is out and getting ready to fly again (I just love that image so much!).

    • Thank you again. The blogosphere is filled with wonderful people with bold and shy stories to tell. I am grateful to be a part of it. And yes … My cape is fluttering behind me, arms akimbo as my boots stomp out evil everywhere. 😉

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