Celebrating: Two Years and One Week Later

© 2014 the Jotter’s Joint

© 2014 the Jotter’s Joint

I’m just a girl … sitting here holding balloons and confetti … wearing a party dress … sipping a cocktail … waiting for the cake to get done.

The streamers and sign are hanging on the wall.

The punch bowl is full.

Where are the Party People?

Oh, I forgot to send the invites!

Because I missed the fact that there was something to celebrate. Oh well, better late than never.

Last week was my two year blog-o-versary.

I signed on to wordpress.com to post what I’d written about Seattle and there sat a trophy icon. It’s the small things.

How exciting to make it through year 2. I almost threw in the towel but ended up sticking it out. Re-framed my expectations and moved forward.

Now, I am looking forward to what year 3 will bring.

Thank you for being on this word-filled journey with me and for letting me be a small part of your social media life. CHEERS!





  1. A happy (belated) anniversary – looking forward to another year of wonderful posts!

  2. Congrats, Miss Gail! Holy crap, I forgot that mine is coming up at the end of this month. I knew we started around the same time. Thanks for the reminder.

    And, go us! The first year of blogging is like the first year of marriage. You make it through that, you’re golden. : )

  3. Phil Hanson says:

    Go Gail!

  4. Congratulations Gail, punch for me please.

  5. How has it been TWO years?!

  6. Two years – that’s amazing! A lot of people quit within the first few months (or weeks!), so it’s really great that you’ve stuck around for so long. Congrats! And here’s to many more anniversaries to come. 😀

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