Return to Snail Mail: A Personal Handwritten Letter Campaign

© 2014 the Jotter’s Joint

© 2014 the Jotter’s Joint 

2014 started as my year of gifting good stories. Buying books for friends and family members – mostly my mom and my boys, providing moments of escape from their every day lives. Or sending recommendations of interest to those who keep a running list like I do.

Slowly this gift is morphing into stories of my life via handwritten notes and cards, like a personal history or memoir through correspondence. I’m not quite sure why …

Maybe it’s the thrill of “real” mail or the fact that simple things are important.

More than likely it’s due to seeing old friends and realizing our interactions are social media driven only. We could call or write but why when Facebook feeds run like a life highlights newsreel? Because Facebook is usually the good times without room for the difficult and sad, the intimate moments of life.

It could be the fact that while on vacation my dudes sent postcards to some of their friends, whose parents told me of their excitement upon receiving the quick note. How can we not spread that joy again?

Maybe it’s because we have friends spending a year abroad. Wouldn’t it be sweet for them to get letters from home? To feel connected and not far away despite the distance?

Or it could be thanks to my dear friend, whose daily walk includes checking the mail with her infant. A tradition in the making, I think. Of course they need mail to retrieve from the box.

The reason doesn’t matter much. Only the desire to send some love: signed, sealed, and delivered.

I’ll still give books but they may have a personal story penned in my own hand, tucked between the pages.

Here’s to great stories!


  1. What a wonderful gift idea – so thoughtful! I love sending and receiving postcards – you’re right, it’s such a thrill to receive something handwritten, so personal.

  2. Oh, how I miss handwritten everything! The handwriting of each person is so unique and so…human, for lack of a better word. Mr. H and I leave notes for each other sometimes. I adore them.

  3. Guilty. When younger I used to both write and receive long hand-written letters from friends and relatives. The only remaining correspondent that writes to me by hand is my 82-year old Mum. She refuses to get involved in the Net so I type letters to her with a proper signature.
    You’re right Gail, it’s a great pleasure these days to find a hand-written envelope addressed to you. It’s a great touch of yours to practice the personal touch and I’m certain it gives a lot of happiness.

    • I love that your mom writes you letters. How sweet! I am hoping to start a revolution with pen and paper. We’ll see. I’ve already started shopping for personal stationery. Thanks for reading Roy!

  4. Philomena Hanson says:

    Love, love handwritten notes. And book recommendations.

    Sent from my iPad


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