Happy Birthday November and December

Christmas is so commercialized. So it was a refreshing relief to read this post by Britt over at A Physical Perspective.

And, thankfully, my husband saves me from most of the headaches and pressures. Like I don’t have to traipse around town to purchase gifts. He does all of our shopping on line. Plus, he knows what little dudes ages 8 & 6 would like for presents. One more reason why I love him.

Ultimately, a time of year that is supposed to represent peace often creates undue stress and heightened emotions.

I tell you these things so I can share an added obligation which some of you may experience …

Celebrating November and December birthdays.

© 2012 the Jotter’s Joint

Photo © 2012 the Jotter’s Joint

My youngest’s birthday is after Thanksgiving. Traditionally we have a family birthday party during the holiday weekend, making one of the desserts his birthday cake (complete with character of choice). It’s been nice and easy for me. I don’t always have to make or purchase the cake as other members of the family will volunteer.

This year he asked for a birthday party with some of his school friends to come to his house. How could we deny him?

So I find myself planning a 6 year old birthday party in December. Which I have to tell you he cried about, because:  “My birthday’s in November not December. I should have a party in November.” Sigh. Have I ever mentioned parenting is a tough gig?

I am agonizing over taxing invitees financially and sending out invitations last minute; praying that some of the 6 children he invited would come. Ugh! I am trying to figure out activities that a group of 6 year olds will enjoy without causing disappointment and embarrassment. Especially, when my dude tells me:  “They’ll think I’m a baby if we do that.” All of my activities suggestions have been vetoed. Plus he nixed his big brother’s recommendation of a scavenger hunt.

If you’ve read any of my posts where I mention my dudes you’ll know that they have definitive ideas about EVERYTHING, which has it’s pros and cons.

© 2012 the Jotter’s Joint

Photo © 2012 the Jotter’s Joint

Surprisingly, the response has been wonderful and all the kids can make it, but I still feel the pressure. And it makes me a little sad for any of you whose birthdays are during this time of year, especially if said birthday is swallowed up by the season never to be heard from.

Maybe some of you are like my older sister, who figured out ways to make it work for her:  “Just put 2 presents under the tree for me.” And she would buy herself a gift, wrap it and place it under the tree. That way she got at least one item she wanted.

I was always jealous of her opportunity to double her gifts. Being a January birthday myself meant, if folks remembered my birthday, they were still recovering from their Christmas spends. But, that’s a story for another day – about the perils of being a middle child.

Anyway, in case it’s not acknowledged by anyone else, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope someone sacrifices to give you a party or places more than one gift under the tree for you.

May your birthday be remembered in the midst of it all.