Uh Oh! It’s Happened … I’ve Run Out of Things to Say

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Dear Readers,

I have officially run out of things to say, which may directly impact your reading pleasure due to a disruption in the post schedule.

I am surprised I made it this far before getting this feeling … It’s been a little more than 3 months of me posting every few days.

When I thought about starting a blog the first time (3 years ago) I abandoned the idea because I didn’t think I would possibly be able to come up with enough content for a weekly post schedule.

But when I decided to take the plunge into the blogosphere 3 months ago I found I had lots of things to say, enough to post almost daily.

The beauty of blogging is that you can say whatever is on your mind and hopefully someone will read it, but if it sits unread you’ve still expressed yourself. Right? It doesn’t have to be profound or witty or pithy.

But I’ve spent the past week or so wondering about what I have to say. And I realized that the posts I like most are the ones where the topics are closest to my heart or my curiosity or my worries.

Now I have to figure out how to deliver my passions – these curious heart worries of mine – in a way that others will relate to or enjoy them. It’s daunting. I’m sure some of you, as fellow bloggers, feel my pain.

And for a woman who thought she’d be blogging in oblivion I wasn’t initially concerned about readers. The WordPress world gave me more than I bargained for … it gave me community … it gave me all of you. (Thank you for all the support and love.) Now I carry the weight of disappointing people or “pleasing” people, when I originally thought maybe a few family and friends would even care to read what I had to say.

So this post doesn’t really match the title because I’m doing a pretty good job of rambling on about not knowing what to say …

My dilemma is that I want to say things that are worthy … interesting … authentically me. To achieve a level of sophisticated simplicity in my writing that will resonate with you as well as with me. (I guess I better go live some life to make it happen.)

I’m holding out hope that inspiration will come – quickly.




  1. I love this. We all go through this. I look forward to your posts because they are authentic and meaningful. And I know your inspiration will come back soon. I’ll be here when it does. Thanks for your honesty – see, once again, very authentic! 🙂

    • Thank you Jenni. You are very kind. I am glad you enjoy my posts and hope to have some fun things soon. How’s your posting schedule? Do you miss daily or is it too soon to tell?

      • It has been working well although it only means about two substantive posts a week and one Tunes Tuesday and one photography post. One of my readers went back to read my older posts, which I don’t know if that means that he would prefer more frequent posts or if he was glad for the time to explore older posts. I felt more pressure at first to make the substantive posts better since they were more infrequent, but I have gotten over that. Some of my favorite blogs, who I follow lke a cult member, post weekly and I never miss a post. I have a harder time reading every post of people who post every day or a few times a day. Thanks for asking! I hav liked the rythum of every other day or several times a week. I am still figuring it out, but whle I am working a day job, I doubt I will go back to every day, as uch as I would love to have the time and energy to do that.

      • I feel you. And I’m glad it’s working out. 😉

      • Good luck with finding your muse…I think it will come back when you least expect it!

  2. Phil Hanson says:

    I love your words–to achieve a level of sophisticated simplicity that will resonate . . . Great words. Now go live some life!!

    • Thanks. I must confess “sophisticated simplicity” is a term I heard used some where else but liked it as a description for writing. So I repurposed it. Can’t remember where I heard it. Thanks for reading.

  3. OH. mygoodness! If I didn’t know I didn’t say this, I’d think I said this. It is EXACTLY what I have thought, and the way I started out in this blogventure too. I think we must be twin sisters from different mothers (to very loosely paraphrase a line from “Fireproof”).

  4. I have written a weekly column for over 14 years – 51 a year for 14 years –sometimes I run out of things to say and inspiration–sometimes my columns are not gold or anywhere close–but a deadline certainly provides inspiration of another kind

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