Off the Air … Unexpected

My computer has died so the Jotter’s Joint will be off the air for a little while. I am incredibly sad. But post by phone won’t do.

Wishing you peace and happy blogging until we meet again.



  1. GH – Total. Bummer. -TLC

    • I know. As you know I had lots to add to my manuscript. Oh well I will beg and borrow my hubby’s laptop when he’s not using it. Which is never. :(. I will find a way until I get a new one. Thanks TLC.

  2. Hope to see you back soon!

  3. So sorry to hear that!

  4. bummer – hope you get it fixed soon!

  5. Ugh! We’ll miss you! Good luck!

  6. Phil Hanson says:

    Oh! No! Sorry.

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