This has been the week of broken things.
First – a fingernail. It was a chip really. Nothing a nail file couldn’t fix.
Then my curling iron. Thankfully, I had a spare. But now I have to buy a new one to replace the spare.
Next my computer which really hurt my feelings. And right before a writing conference.
I had a breakthrough in my writing. Lots of new words. But the broken computer stole my momentum and my spirit. Not for long though.
My fabulous husband came to my rescue and ordered me a new computer when I was prepared to wait until I thought we could afford it.
Apparently, when you’re a writer, you can’t afford to be without a computer. Grateful that my sweet loving husband gets that.
Hope to be back online this weekend.


  1. Phil Hanson says:

    A writer is speechless without a computer. And you and I are scary without a curling iron. Never leave home without it.

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