Welcome to Boring …

I want to be tweet-able and retweet-able. (Okay, so I just opened my twitter account this week.)  I want to be Facebook stalked (only a little). I want to be Freshly Pressed worthy.

But I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t.


I’ve finally figured it out. It’s something I already knew. It’s what I, as a creative type, fear most. Fear of being uninteresting …

Then I remembered one of the first things I wrote for the Jotter’s Joint … it was a practice run and I never posted it (till now). I hadn’t decided if it was a post or my About page. I thought it was funny.

Re-reading it makes me laugh and it makes me feel better because I was managing my own expectations. I didn’t have grand ideas of success. I set the bar low enough to accomplish my goal.

Here’s what I wrote:

Welcome to Boring …

Why read this blog? 

Because you don’t have anything better to do. You don’t have a life. You’re friendless and alone. You’re tired of the well intentioned, deliberately positive, motivational, blogs selling happy. Or maybe, you’re a recluse; suffer from paranoia, or worse. Afraid of technology but sitting here reading this with a tin foil hat on hoping I can’t read your thoughts or transmit signals to your brain.

So why not read my blog? 

It fits right in with our “random” loving culture today. In a time when we can select and self deliver the kind of news … special interest stories … celebrity drama to our phones or laptops or iPads. Where we can follow our friends’ every move from waking to sleepless nights via Facebook or Twitter feed or better yet by subscribing to their blog.

Let’s face it … this is just another opportunity in our information overloaded lives for you to examine and criticize, ponder and pontificate on the boring things that happen in someone else’s life; my life. It’s a chance to offer up your opinion on what matters in my world, from the mundane to the monotonous.

Why read a boring blog? 

I have no idea. It’s just the stuff I think about on my drive to and from work. It doesn’t get much more boring than that …

So maybe my expectations were too low here but I didn’t want to be disappointed. Then I started posting regularly and I was sucked into this belief that my blog had to be perceived as great. It didn’t matter if I thought it was great. And it stopped mattering if there were readers, even one reader, who thought it was great. I started measuring my success by the stats and not by how flexing my creativity made me feel.

I will always have pangs of wanting others to claim I’m great but I realize that ‘great’ is a relative term. Being tweet-able or Freshly Pressed aren’t my yardstick (although I would be happy if it happened).

I will remind myself often that I am measured by my enjoyment in blogging and my growth as a writer. When I forget, all I have to do is go back to my About page and read my reasons for starting the Jotter’s Joint. This is one writer’s world and you’re welcome to be a part of it.

So, today, just a reminder … manage to your own expectations!


  1. Welcome to Twitter, Gail! I was so excited to see you on there this morning. I love your blog, and the most important thing we all have to remember is just that…not the big bad numbers, but our readers enjoying what we deliver.

    • Thanks Britt. Twitter is quite an addictive place but I am enjoying it. And I’m enjoying finding my blog buddies there. You’re right, our readers matter. Writing makes me feel alive and that’s why I do it. The stats can be helpful or cruel to a writers psyche. Perspective. Thanks for reading.

  2. I don’t think you’re boring at all, Gail! I think it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time… and a sprinkling of luck does help. Keep blogging – I’m sure you’ll get what you want some day. =D

  3. Man – I had to check the authorship here to make sure I didn’t write it! I have no idea what the tweetie thing is, but I just learned a couple of months ago what Freshly Pressed is – and find it ‘interesting.’ I have to say, it would be an oddity to get noticed by those guys, but since that’s not the reason I started out blogging, it doesn’t matter. I enjoy reading your blog, and several others – I’ve been learning a LOT about writing since I started this, mostly from reading other people’s stuff. Keep it up!!!

  4. You are so Freshly Pressed worthy!! They just are strange in what they choose. Waiting for the Karma Truck was FP’d, but she has such gorgeous posts every day and they chose one that was more out of character and quirkier. I don’t get their criteria. And you are DEFINITELY retweetable. I am going to follow you now if I am not already!

    • You’re so sweet. I think part of my frustration is that the criteria isn’t something you can write directly to and get that coveted result. Sigh. Ambiguity. That’s why I can only manage my own expectations to get the results I want.

      • newsofthetimes says:

        So true. And it will probably happen just when you are able to do that!! I love your writing and have no doubt that the FP fairies will find you eventually!!

  5. And THIS is why you will be tweetable, Facebook stalkerable, and pressable (whatever that is)! Thank you for showing us all how to laugh at ourselves. -TLC

    • You so get me TLC. LOL! Although I must confess I still stalk the stats waiting to see what the responses will be. Truly, my writing is improving so writing about boring things and making them interesting has it’s perks. 🙂

  6. I don’t think you are boring. I like reading your posts. 🙂

    • Thanks Judy. This post serves as a reminder that I can deal with my fear and focus on the right things. Like the improvement in my writing since I’ve started or the fact that I write everyday instead of sporadically. I’m glad you enjoy my posts. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  7. Thanks for the link back. Glad you found your creativity again.


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