Burning Bushes

Against grey skies and rain, the trees burn brightly. The rain water darkens the bark to black skeletons. Aflame with colors of red, gold, brown, burgundy and orange. Some still hold on to their greenery. Others are bare having shed all color.

This is autumn for me. Despite the cooler temperatures I love the change in season. It’s so gorgeous it’s distracting. Driving around town, I find myself focusing more on the scenery than on the road. Dangerous. I know.

I am reminded a lot lately of the poem, Nothing Gold Can Stay, by Robert Frost. I am not big on poetry even though it can move me at times. But these familiar lines stay with me because of how I memorized them … Watching the movie The Outsiders more times than I care to count in my youth.

“Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down today.
Nothing gold can stay.”

Why it makes me think of fall and all that I see around me right now?  I have no idea. But it plays in my head each time I pass trees in the state of transition from summer green to barren winter. I’d love to hear your favorite change in season and what connects you to it. Feel free to share in the comments.

The pictures in this post don’t do justice to what my eyes can see. Trust me when I say it’s weep worthy. Wish you were here to sit in silence, watch and wonder about the beauty of it all.


  1. Definitely fall! I read a great quote today that fall is like a second spring with every leaf a flower. That’s how I feel about Fall. I love all the seasons, but September and October have to be my favorite months!!

  2. As a follower of Instagram, I was wondering when I’d see your inner thoughts on these beautiful trees. Love it! As you know, I am similar to you about poetry, but some things just stick with you. For me, as each season approaches, it becomes my favorite. I suppose it is because I adore change. Today, I will proclaim that Autumn is my favorite: leaves changing, weather cooling, routines settling, football playing, spices brewing, and another year finishing. All seems well in the world.

  3. I do miss seeing a proper changing of the colour of the leaves. There aren’t many trees here that change and when they do it is fast to gold and on to brown just as quickly. I have a picture I took a few years ago in the town I grew up in that has a huge tree all in it’s red leaves next to an old red painted church with a blue sky in the background and it is one of my favourite pics!
    Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link back.


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